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Facebook, other social sites, becoming sources of data collection

Posted by rjbiii on October 13, 2007

Before you go wild and crazy on your personal page on Facebook, or whatever your preferred social networking site is, you might remind yourself that whatever you publish may come back to haunt you. According to an article from the National Law Journal at, attorneys are, more than ever, trolling through social networking sites to see what nuggets of gold can be gleaned from adversaries’ pages:

In one case, [attorney Joan] Malbrough said she helped secure shared custody for the father after finding his wife had posted sexually explicit comments on her boyfriend’s MySpace page. In another case, a husband’s credibility was questioned because, on his MySpace page, he said he was single and looking.

Lawyers in civil and criminal cases are increasingly finding that social networking sites can contain treasure chests of information for their cases. Armed with printouts from sites such as Facebook and MySpace, attorneys have used pictures, comments and connections from these sites as powerful evidence in the courtroom.

Content on such sites have been taken into account during sentencing as well. In an age when technology is ever more embedded (or intrusive?) into our daily lives, and when criminal acts are often filmed by the very perpetrators committing them, digital evidence will become the rule rather than the exception. For many, it already has.

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