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Return to sender…please

Posted by rjbiii on June 15, 2008

The International Herald Tribune has posted an article discussing the fact that e-mails don’t always reach their destinations…and the sender isn’t always notified:

The basic Internet e-mail standard – SMTP, or simple mail transport protocol – has always provided for the destination server to send back an error message if the original message cannot be delivered. If no error message comes back, however, can the originating server assume that the message arrived, safe and sound? Not necessarily. A misconfigured server anywhere in the path between sender and recipient can miscarry the message.

The problem that leads to the loss of a message can also prevent the sender from receiving a report of failed delivery. In such instances, e-mail disappears into the ether.

Assuming a message sent is received is dangerous. In a case, if you’re trying to prove communication, retrieve the recipient’s inbox.

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