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MS Bing to erase user data after six months…

Posted by rjbiii on January 20, 2010

Evidently doing so in an effort to appease EU regulators.

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Google Unveils Plans for New O/S

Posted by rjbiii on July 8, 2009

The BBC has posted an article announcing that Google will extend its offerings to a new operating system for PC’s:

Google is developing an operating system (OS) for personal computers, in a direct challenge to market leader Microsoft and its Windows system.

Google Chrome OS will be aimed initially at small, low-cost netbooks, but will eventually be used on PCs as well.

Google says that the new o/s will have, as its “key aspects:” speed, simplicity, and security. One industry expert comments on the import of this development:

“Google is coming at this fresh and, because it is based on a set of services that reside on the web, it is the first really post-web operating system, designed from the ground up, and reconceived for a web world,” Mr Enderle told the BBC.

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Microsoft introduces Gazelle: the Web Browser as O/S

Posted by rjbiii on February 22, 2009

Microsoft has released a paper introducing Gazelle (Abstract here; Complete PDF Paper here):

Web browsers have evolved to be a multi-principal operating environment where a principal is a web site. Similarly to a multi-principal OS, recent proposals and browsers like IE 8 and Firefox 3 advocate and support abstractions for cross-principal communication (e.g., PostMessage) and protection (for frames) to web programmers. Nevertheless, no existing browsers, including new architectures like IE 8, Google Chrome, and OP, have a multi-principal OS construction that gives a browser-based OS, typically called Browser Kernel, the exclusive control to manage the protection and fair-sharing of all system resources among browser principals.

In this paper, we present a multi-principal OS construction of a secure web browser, called Gazelle. Gazelle’s Browser Kernel exclusively provides cross-principal protection and fair sharing of all system resources.

This document limits its discussion exclusively to its unique resource protection architecture.

[HT: Slashdot]

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Outages Unnerve Google Apps Administrators

Posted by rjbiii on August 17, 2008

Infoworld has a post discussing the recent outages for gmail and Google Apps users, and discusses possible ramifications for IT departments that were looking at moving to the platform. Outages left corporate administrators feeling helpless:

“It was constant troubleshooting, testing, research, posting to the Google Apps forums and so on. Plus there’s the emotional strain of wondering whether you completely screwed up by moving everyone to Google Apps as our sole e-mail system. That’s what freaked me out: Did Google just make me look like an idiot?” Proffitt added.

That’s not a nice feeling to have, especially since Proffitt did his homework and took his time before deciding to move his end-users to Google Apps. He used the suite for about nine months himself “as a guinea pig” and then rolled it out to the entire organization six weeks ago.

Some are seeing this as a big win for Microsoft:

When foul-ups like these happen, the only winner is Microsoft.

Here’s what one angry user had to say: “Dear MS Outlook,” Owen Schultz wrote, “I am so sorry about our breakup several years ago. I have been thinking about you a lot since then. Will you please consider taking me back? Just one more chance? I’m sorry about all the horrible things I said about you and your operating system. You were the best I ever had! MobileMe and I are finished!”

The move to SAAS also has several potential legal impacts as well, which Post Process will explore in future posts.

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Vista SP1 Incompatible with Linux Bootloader in Dual Boot Systems

Posted by rjbiii on July 31, 2008

Hmmm. Trouble for those with dual boot systems who are not using Microsoft’s Vista bootloader:

[T]he update performs a “chain of trust” integrity check on the system’s boot sequence, from the onboard TPM chip, through the MBR and into the operating system itself. In a dualbooting scenario where the Vista bootloader has been replaced (eg: with GRUB or LILO), the integrity check fails and the update aborts, halting the service pack installation.

Microsoft Technology Advisor Michael Kleef finds a silver lining:

“However, it’s actually a very good thing that the update and the servicing fail in this scenario, because you can just imagine the implications if the update automatically reinstalled the Vista MBR to restore boot integrity – we’d be flooded with complaints.”

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Microsoft Releases Binary File Specs

Posted by rjbiii on July 1, 2008

Microsoft has posted detailed specifications of its pre-2007 Office file formats, and protocols built into newer applications:

Highlights of the actions announced today include: posting Version 1.0 releases of technical documentation for Microsoft protocols built into Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007; posting nearly 5,000 pages of new technical documentation for the Microsoft Office binary file formats for Word, Excel and PowerPoint (.doc, .xls, .xlsb and .ppt); and making significant strides in the company’s efforts to foster more open engagement with other members of the IT community.

I’m hoping that this new information helps the software vendors in this space improve on their current efforts.

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Microsoft Releases Open XML SDK; Announces future support of ODF

Posted by rjbiii on June 16, 2008

According to an article in TechWorld, Microsoft has released a software developer kit (SDK) for manipulating the XML that is under the hood of Office 2007 files.

Open XML SDK 1.0 , available from the company’s website, is designed to allow developers to produce code enabling their applications to create, access and manipulate Open XML documents, Microsoft said.

The SDK includes an application programming interface (API) simplifying the creation of code for searching documents, creating documents, validating document parts, modifying data and other tasks, Microsoft said.

MS has also announced that its Office Suite will support the Open Document Format (ODF) beginning in 2009:

At the same time, Microsoft said last month that it will begin supporting the rival Open Document Format (ODF) in Office 2007 and Office 14, beginning with a service pack set for release in the first half of 2009.

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Microsoft Seeks Delay in Discovery Process on Vista Trial

Posted by rjbiii on March 10, 2008

From the Article in Computer World:

Microsoft Corp. on Friday asked that a lawsuit claiming it duped consumers in a Windows Vista marketing program be suspended while the company appeals a judge’s decision to grant the case class-action status.

If granted, the motion would also postpone any new disclosures of potentially embarrassing company e-mails. Last month, the release of similar documents showed that top-level company executives struggled with the new operating system on machines labeled “Vista Capable,” and that partners such as Dell Inc. warned Microsoft that the campaign would confuse consumers.

Microsoft is challenging two aspects of the case. First, they challenged the trial court’s decision basing class-action status on a Washington state law. They also questioned the court’s approval of plaintiff’s theory of harm, called “price inflation,” whereby Microsoft’s actions resulted in increased demand, and price, of systems running a basic version of Vista. Microsoft’s argument is basically that if their appeal is successful, all the expenses and disruptions associated with discovery are or naught.

[HT: Slashdot]

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