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Everything to do with E-discovery & ESI

General Software Tools

These tools and applications may be useful no matter what industry you’re in. The free ones are so marked, but many of those that are not free have evaluation versions that may be downloaded so that you may test their products.

The appearance or absence of any tool on this list does not constitute an endorsement, warranty, or opinion on a tool’s functionality of any kind. Do your own due diligence before buying or installing any software or hardware tool.

Windows Applications

Image Manipulation Applications

File and Directory Manipulation Utilities

Screen Capture Applications

FTP Applications

E-mail Conversion Tools

Metadata Scrubbers

Website Capture*

* Ensure that these tools are not used to for purposes that violate copyright rules, or other state or federal laws.

CD/DVD Burning Applications

Linux Application

CD/DVD Burning Applications

Mac Applications

File Manipulation Utilities

Screen Capture Programs

CD/DVD Burning Applications

2 Responses to “General Software Tools”

  1. Natalie said

    several metadata scrubbers that you can add are iScrub, Metadact and ConfidentSend.

  2. rjbiii said

    Thank you Natalie. These have been added.

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