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On the discoverability of voicemail

Posted by rjbiii on May 25, 2009

Mark Sidoti and Paul Asfendis, writing for, have recently posted an article discussing the different types of voicemail, and the discoverability of each:

Companies today have more options than ever for generating, receiving, storing, retrieving and disposing of voicemail messages.

In the past, voicemails were stored on analog tapes, but increasingly, organizations now use unified, digital systems that integrate telephone and computer systems. While more efficient and flexible, these advances raise a number of electronic data discovery issues.

If your organization is considering an upgrade, it’s imperative to evaluate the effect, if any, that the new system will have on your obligation to preserve, search and disclose relevant voicemail messages.

The authors discuss the differences between analog and digital systems. They also compile a list of “challenges” for the organization deciding to implement a “unified” v-mail system (that is, a digital system that is integrated with the IT Enterprise). Well worth the read.

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