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Trial Presentation Systems in the Spotlight

Posted by rjbiii on June 23, 2008

Legal Times has an article discussing how attorneys use technology in the courtroom. The piece is composed mostly of quote snippets by lawyers. Examples:

How do trial lawyers use litigation technology today? What works well?

“It’s the rare case that you wouldn’t try to present something electronically. It so expedites the presentation of evidence. Jurors like it. Judges like it. When you have to approach the witness, publish the exhibit, tell the jury to turn to tab 12 in the notebook, that slows things down. It is so much easier and effective to present that documentary evidence on a monitor.” — John Hall, head of the trials group, Covington & Burling

“[I’ll use] medical animations [that] show how a heart bypass procedure is done or a fractured tibia is repaired. [These run] in conjunction with a witness describing what they do. Everyone is able to see and hear at the same time.” — Patrick Regan, plaintiffs lawyer, Regan, Zambri & Long

Do trial lawyers dream of an even more technological future? What would they like to see?

“[A simple way of] blowing up low-resolution photographs so that they’re easy for jurors to see.” — Wayne Cohen, plaintiffs lawyer, Cohen & Cohen

“When you’re showing videotaped testimony, what you can do is split the screen to show the document and the person talking about the document. [But] often the witness is shrunk down too much. [They could also improve] the ability to show scrolling text and the video and the document all in one place for the jury to see. People today are very comfortable digesting like that — like the ticker on CNN — observing someone speak and observing the data around them.” — Gregg LoCascio, partner focusing on complex commercial disputes, Kirkland & Ellis

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