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Preview of MS Office 2010

Posted by rjbiii on July 13, 2009

Microsoft has announced details of upgrades to its office suite, and PC Pro Posts a preview here. Among other things, the article discusses changes to Outlook:

As far as the desktop applications are concerned, the Ribbon interface first introduced with Office 2007 has now been rolled out across every application, including Outlook.

Outlook also sees the introduction of two new email features for office workers drowning under a deluge of email. The Conversation Clean-Up tool will condense long email chains into summaries of the conversation, allowing you to catch up with all the key information without having to open dozens of different messages individually.

Outlook will also have a new Ignore Conversation feature that allows users to opt-out of round-robin emails that don’t concern them. Adams gives the example of a long email discussion about a dinner engagement that you know you won’t be able to attend. One click of the Ignore Conversation button will junk any further emails on that topic.

Other changes include an entire line of web-based apps, a la Google; better image editing within Word and PowerPoint; and fewer licensing categories (reducing the number of ‘versions’ of the suite from its current eight to five).

H/T: Slashdot

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MS Office 2007 File Formats Discussed

Posted by rjbiii on August 27, 2007

Stephane Rodriguez is once again in the news. If you haven’t heard of him, then you should take a look at his comprehensive review of Office 2007 file formats. The introduction from that article went like this:

The new Office 2007 file formats are ZIP files that contain parts some of which are XML, some others are native file formats such as JPEG pictures, and the remaining binary parts end up being referred to as BIN parts. BIN parts are of particular interest for the file format consumer or updater since the underlying file formats are undocumented (at the time of writing, August 10 2006) and are several additional file formats to deal with.

BIN parts appear in a number of cases. If you insert a VBA macro or an OLE object in a Word 2007, Excel 2007 or Powerpoint 2007 document, then there will be one or more BIN parts of interest. BIN parts are zip entries consisting of files with extension .BIN, that actually contain their own file format depending on the MIME type defined in the relationships part

He goes on to examine the “bin” file in quite some detail. Read the article, and if anyone asks you about Office 2007 file formats, you can tell them you’ve bin there, done that!

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