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Around the Block-March 23, 2010

Posted by rjbiii on March 23, 2010

A bit of industry-related news to examine. Let’s start, shall we?

E-Discovery and LPO firm Integreon has been cited in an Indian writ for the unauthorized practice of law. From the company’s press release:

Integreon was the only LPO company and non-law firm named in the petition. “It is unfortunate that our size and clear leadership position in the LPO market has made us the LPO target for the petitioner,” stated Liam Brown, CEO of Integreon. “We were surprised to hear that our range of LPO services, such as document review, e-discovery, contract management and other legal support services could be confused with the practice of law.”

“Integreon collaborates closely on all engagements with its law firm and legal clients to segregate complex legal tasks from those tasks that can be lawfully outsourced and performed by Integreon’s associates,” said Brown. “The premise of the services that we offer to law firms and corporate legal departments is to allow their lawyers to do what they do best: practice law.”

The ABA has posted an article discussing futurist Jordan Furlong‘s advice to bar associations and lawyers on “stay[ing] relevant in changing times.” From the article:

In the 21st century, lawyers need six essential skills, Furlong said: collaboration, project management, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, technological affinity and time management. Bar associations can help lawyers develop these skills by offering the leadership and services their members are seeking.

According to Furlong, lawyers should make themselves more visible while also showing worth to clients and potential clients. He said that lawyers should become holistic providers of “legal health” to clients.

I agree with much in the article…though the terms “lawyers” and “holistic” are rarely seen together…aren’t they?

The AmLaw Daily asks the question Is Mega Law a Dead Man Walking?

That was the subject of several sessions Monday at the Georgetown law school conference on law firm evolution. It speaks to the urgency of the matter, that an institution that thrives on the continuing health of big law firms to hire their deeply in debt graduating students would countenance the question.

The answers from the day: dead, dying, and changing.

A conference attendee’s session notes may be found here.

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Three Reasons Why Attorneys “don’t get” Electronic Discovery

Posted by rjbiii on January 29, 2010

I came across this article on the eDiscovery 101 blog (which is also new to me). They list Post Process as a resource for learning more about EDD. We thank them. Now we’re featuring them right back. That’ll teach them.

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Boom and Bust

Posted by rjbiii on August 17, 2009

According to Michelle Lange, writing in the ABA Journal, we’ve seen an E-Discovery boom…are we now facing a bust? According to the article:

But growth has slowed sharply from annual rates of more than 40 percent just a few years ago, according to Socha’s surveys. And it’s getting much harder to compete profitably in an industry that is coming of age during the worst economic downturn in decades. For one thing, clients no longer are willing to write open-ended checks for services that easily can exceed $1.75 million for an average case.
“Growth has started to moderate and margins have started to decrease,” says Nick Baughan of investment banking firm Marks Baughan & Co. in Cornshohocken, Pa., which advised such deals as
Applied Discovery’s sale to LexisNexis.

One interesting quote is:

“It was almost like a gold rush,” says John Bace, research vice president of Gartner Inc. in Stamford, Conn. “People saw e-discovery as a quick and easy way to make money.”

All I can say to that is that it has been possible to make good money in the industry…but at least for me, it has never been easy.

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