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Who you gonna call? Electronic gear for “ghost busting”

Posted by rjbiii on March 24, 2011

This is a little off-topic, so I apologize in advance. Gizmag has posted an article showing the gear that “paranormal investigators” use when trying “de-ghost” your home or business. It’s a little sad that the subject is taken seriously in some quarters, but consider the following:

In a survey conducted by CBS News in 2005, it was found that 48 percent of Americans believed in ghosts. Other surveys have put the number at anywhere from around 20 to over 50 percent. While such figures certainly don’t imply that ghosts are real, they do suggest that belief in them is relatively common. When someone does suspect that a ghost is present in their home or business, they will sometimes call in “experts” to ascertain if that is, in fact, the case … and what sort of gear do these ghost hunters use to detect said spirits? We decided to find out.

And if you’re tempted (like me) to utter the immortal phrase “I ain’t afraid of no ghost,” allow me to remind you, via video, of the dangers that lurk should we relax our vigil…

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