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Law Firm Staffing for the future…and a Law Firm Staffing Reference Model

Posted by rjbiii on December 17, 2009

“Law firm staffing is more an artifact of history than design. Forward thinking law firms need to re-architect themselves,” according to a post at Prism Legal. From the article:

It seems clear lawyers must delegate analysis and management to other professionals. So firms need more business analysts and project managers generally for effective service delivery and specifically to support and alternative fee arrangements. What is the right ratio of each to the number of lawyers? Does that ratio vary by practice? What other types of professional support personnel are needed? How should firms analyze and answer these questions? I don’t have answers but I think these are important – and the right – questions. Firms that answer them well can gain clients and prosper.

The article also references an earlier post, in which the author suggested the need for a Law Firm Reference Model. Interesting idea, and arguably necessary in these days when much of law (especially e-discovery and computer law) is intersecting with other disciplines.

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