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E-Discovery Issue of Law Review Coming Out

Posted by rjbiii on July 27, 2009

In February, I attended, and spoke at, an E-Discovery Symposium in Covington, KY (just across the way from Cincinnati) hosted by Salmon P. Chase Law School at Northern Kentucky University. Panelists included Professors Debra Lyn Basset (U. of Alabama) and Stephen Gensler (U. of Oklahoma) and Steven Bennett of Jones Day.

Well, now the school is publishing a companion issue of the law review, and it is completely dedicated to electronic discovery (no electronic link available yet…the law review site still has the previous issue’s information posted). Table of contents for the issue:


  • Jennifer Anglim Kreder (Prof. Chase School of Law) and Bryce C. Rhoades (JD candidate, Chase School of Law) write…Introduction: Navigating the Changing Ethical and Practical Expectations for E-Discovery.
  • Steven C. Bennett (Jones Day) writes…The Ethics of Legal Outsourcing.
  • Roland Bernier (your dedicated blogger!) writes…Avoiding the E-Discovery Odyssey.
  • Stephen S. Gensler (Prof. U. Oklahoma School of Law) writes…Some Thougts on the Lawyer’s E-volving Duties in Discovery.


  • Robert E. Altman & Benjamin Lewis (JD Candidates, Chase School of Law) write…Cost-Shifting in ESI Discovery Disputes: A Five Factor Test to Promote Consistency and Set Party Expectations.
  • Emily N. Litzinger (JD Candidate, Chase School of Law) writes…The Ethical Dilemma of Scrubbing Metadata: The Pathway to a Better Approach.
  • Christine M. Steimle (JD Candidate, Chase School of Law) writes…The Decision to Compel Unrestricted Foreign Imaging: A Note Discussing John B. v. Goetz.

Purchases may be made by going to this page and following the instructions.

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