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EDD Basics: breaks down the EDRM to techies

Posted by rjbiii on April 14, 2009 posts an article by Alan Radding meant to inform storage techies on the EDRM. From the article:

“For an IT person faced with finding e-discovery tools, the first thing I would do is take the EDRM diagram and go talk with your legal counsel,” said Matthew Todd, CISO and vice president of risk and technical operations at Palo Alto, Calif.-based Financial Engines Inc. The legal counsel should tell you which functions the IT group should do in-house. Then you can start looking at tools.

It’s a good primer, but it contains a complaint I find puzzling: that the EDRM doesn’t list tools (solutions that do the tasks illustrated by the model). The reason for that, of course, is that the model was deliberately built to be technologically-neutral. Of course, coming from the IT side, where one might be completely unfamiliar with the tools of this trade, I can see where a product guide would be helpful. But that is beyond the EDRM’s scope and purpose (although in writing this, I allow myself to put words in the mouths of the model’s creators…without any authorization to do so).

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