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Facebook being used as a mechanism for Service

Posted by rjbiii on December 17, 2008

Reuters has posted an article noting that attorneys in Australia have been given the green light to use Facebook (and presumably similar sites) to serve legal papers by the country’s highest court.

Thought it was all about fun, games, and socializing, didn’t you?


2 Responses to “Facebook being used as a mechanism for Service”

  1. V said

    Question is whether this incident will be used as a precedent for other companies to use Facebook as a means to deliver legal documents.

  2. The question for me is not whether other firms will use Facebook and similar sites to serve paper, rather, do clients understand the extent to which corporate decision making, positions and knowledge is being siphoned off into networking and similar applications outside the control of the corporation? Do firms that Twitter consider whether snapshot updates on trends and issues may be construed as advice (disclaimers aside) and whether anyone is mapping the existence and value of information, regardless of media or format, to business risk–and capacity building?

    …living in interesting times 😉


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