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Case Blurb: Ahner; Attorney-Client Privilege Basics

Posted by rjbiii on October 17, 2008

Once the proponent has properly asserted the privilege claim and the requisite information about the allegedly privileged document provided to the opponent, the proponent must substantiate all actual assertions about the claim. This is usually done through supporting affidavits from individuals with personal knowledge of the relevant facts, exhibits attached to the motion and briefs, discovery responses, pleadings and other undisputed facts…. To the extent that evidentiary support for the factual basis of the privilege is not forthcoming, the claim is little more than a bald, conclusory, or ipse dixit assertion. The court will deny such an assertion because it forecloses meaningful independent inquiry by the finder of facts (the judge) into the validity of the claim…. Although an attorney’s word may be “taken on its face,” a privilege claim is not self-executing. It requires more proof than a conclusion by the party asserting the claim (or his attorney) that it is justified.
Thus, any objection based on Rule 26(b)(3) may ultimately be sustained only if the objection is both properly asserted and the facts supporting it are established by evidence. [Movant] bears the burden of proof on this claim.
The mere assertion of a lawyer in oral argument that materials were prepared in anticipation of litigation is not evidence sufficient to bear the burden.

Auto Club Family Ins. Co. v. Ahner, 2007 WL 2480322 at *4 (E.D.La. Aug. 29, 2007) (citing P. Rice, Attorney-Client Privilege in the United States § 11:10 at 977-80 (Lawyers Cooperative 1993))(emphases in the original)

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