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Remote Wiping of iPhones a Concern for Crime Fighters

Posted by rjbiii on September 3, 2008

Digital Forensics experts are expressing concern over the feature in the iPhone allowing the remote wiping of data:

Criminals can remotely destroy incriminating evidence by exploiting security features on the Apple iPhone, a leading digital forensics expert has warned.

The head of the Serious Fraud Office digital forensics unit Keith Foggon cautioned that the ability to remotely wipe the iPhone and other smart phones used by enterprises could be exploited by lawbreakers.

The article also points out the issues associated with the migration toward cell phones and other mobile platforms, and away from the exclusive use of PCs:

He said: “It is a concern that society is moving more towards using mobile phones. The PC architecture is usually stable but with mobile devices they change daily. If a mobile device comes out tomorrow we will not be able to look at it until a tool becomes available.

“We can still analyse it by photographing every screen on it but we won’t be able to get hidden data on it, so photographing every screen is not a very practical way of doing it.

The article also notes concerns associated with the increased adoption of encryption technologies in modern operating systems.

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