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Outages Unnerve Google Apps Administrators

Posted by rjbiii on August 17, 2008

Infoworld has a post discussing the recent outages for gmail and Google Apps users, and discusses possible ramifications for IT departments that were looking at moving to the platform. Outages left corporate administrators feeling helpless:

“It was constant troubleshooting, testing, research, posting to the Google Apps forums and so on. Plus there’s the emotional strain of wondering whether you completely screwed up by moving everyone to Google Apps as our sole e-mail system. That’s what freaked me out: Did Google just make me look like an idiot?” Proffitt added.

That’s not a nice feeling to have, especially since Proffitt did his homework and took his time before deciding to move his end-users to Google Apps. He used the suite for about nine months himself “as a guinea pig” and then rolled it out to the entire organization six weeks ago.

Some are seeing this as a big win for Microsoft:

When foul-ups like these happen, the only winner is Microsoft.

Here’s what one angry user had to say: “Dear MS Outlook,” Owen Schultz wrote, “I am so sorry about our breakup several years ago. I have been thinking about you a lot since then. Will you please consider taking me back? Just one more chance? I’m sorry about all the horrible things I said about you and your operating system. You were the best I ever had! MobileMe and I are finished!”

The move to SAAS also has several potential legal impacts as well, which Post Process will explore in future posts.

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