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Quantum Encryption: Cutting edge but far from Perfect

Posted by rjbiii on June 16, 2008

An interesting post on quantum encryption is found at arXiv. The post explains why quantum encryption is not bullet-proof:

Here’s one loophole. The security of quantum encryption schemes depends on our inability to make a copy of a quantum state. If that were possible, [the eavesdropper] could make a copy of the message and pass on the original without anybody being the wiser. But in the quantum world, copying anything destroys the original, so the sender and receiver can always tell if they’ve been overheard by examining the error rates in their message. If it rises above a certain limit, the line is not secure.
That would be pretty convincing were it not for our ability to make imperfect copies of quantum states without destroying the original. That’s a loophole that an eavesdropper can exploit to extract information from a quantum message without the sender or receiver knowing. It should work as long as Eve is careful to keep the error rate below the critical limit.

He then points to an outline of a quantum eavesdropper.

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Microsoft Releases Open XML SDK; Announces future support of ODF

Posted by rjbiii on June 16, 2008

According to an article in TechWorld, Microsoft has released a software developer kit (SDK) for manipulating the XML that is under the hood of Office 2007 files.

Open XML SDK 1.0 , available from the company’s website, is designed to allow developers to produce code enabling their applications to create, access and manipulate Open XML documents, Microsoft said.

The SDK includes an application programming interface (API) simplifying the creation of code for searching documents, creating documents, validating document parts, modifying data and other tasks, Microsoft said.

MS has also announced that its Office Suite will support the Open Document Format (ODF) beginning in 2009:

At the same time, Microsoft said last month that it will begin supporting the rival Open Document Format (ODF) in Office 2007 and Office 14, beginning with a service pack set for release in the first half of 2009.

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