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It was slow in coming, but IT is now speeding its way through the legal world

Posted by rjbiii on December 31, 2007

At least, that is the thesis of an article from the business technology section of

Technology was late to come to the world of lawyers and law firms, long known for quill pens and steno pads. But now that it has arrived, it is spreading briskly.

Modern-day law firms, especially megafirms with offices around the world, rely heavily on a vast array of specialized software that helps them run nearly every aspect of their operations. From docketing cases to tracking hours to managing litigation to calculating bills, most legal practices depend on technological solutions.

“Within the past five years, technology in law firms has really, really advanced,” said Randi Mayes, executive director of the International Legal Technology Association, an Austin, Texas, group that represents 1,700 US law firms and legal departments.

Those of us dealing in legal technology or records management are hardly surprised, but the fact that mainstream articles are now popping up with more frequency shows the extent of the legal world’s transformation.

[HT: EDD Blog Online]

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