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Case Blurb: Benefirst; Good Cause Analysis-Specificity of Discovery Request

Posted by rjbiii on December 28, 2007

[Ed.-The court found that medical claim forms, requested by Plaintiff, would not be reasonably accessible. It then launched into an analysis to determine whether plaintiffs proved that “good cause” existed to compel production notwithstanding the accessibility issue. This blurb is from the analysis of seven factors. This is the first factor: The specificity of the discovery request.]

BeneFirst’s Motion seeks reconsideration of this Court’s earlier discovery order which ordered BeneFirst to produce “all claims files, including the actual bills in BeneFirst’s possession or control.” The parties have responded intelligently and vigorously to this Order and there is no misunderstanding or confusion about the specificity of the information sought by the Plaintiffs.

This factor favors the Plaintiffs.

W.E. Aubuchon Co., Inc. v. BeneFirst, LLC, 245 F.R.D. 38 (D. Mass. 2007)

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