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EDRM Releases its new Standard for Production

Posted by rjbiii on October 24, 2007

The Standards Group for EDRM released a new, xml-based standard designed to ease migration from one litigation platform to another:

“In the past, there hasn’t been a standard way to hand off [information] from one step of e-discovery to the other,” said Leafstrand. “With no validation tools to make sure you have done it right, it’s been a very hit-and-miss, labor-intensive operation.”

Very true. Perhaps the largest part of “manual” labor that goes into the average project centers on “massaging” the data into the a format acceptable to the recipient’s particular system. Although many of these formats have become de facto standards, there are still often nuances and requests that fall outside the norm. This makes a good data integrator nearly invaluable. If some of the more tedious tasks can be eliminated, I’m all for it. I doubt, however, that the standard will be a panacea for the industry. Keep your experienced data integrators happy; you still need them.

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Wading into the Quagmire of the Logs

Posted by rjbiii on October 24, 2007 has posted a great article on Filtering Log Data:

Where there are logs, there is usually an overwhelming amount of log data. This makes it hard for an organization to spot security problems. How do you find the one packet among millions that indicates someone is sending proprietary information out of the enterprise?

Let’s illustrate how it is possible to drill down and find that single suspect packet through a series of screenshots. As an example interface, we’ll use NetIQ’s Security Manager v 6.0 to demonstrate the filtering process, but other vendors in this market offer similar interfaces and capabilities. Regardless of the product your organization uses, this tip will provide a blueprint for how to drill down and obtain the log information you need.

You might already have a glimmer as to why the subject is on-topic here, but in case you feel the need to question my judgment:

[Reporting capabilities of these applications] are useful when you know ahead of time what to look for, such as providing evidence for an electronic discovery request or other external reasons.

The article comes complete with screen shots and is very well written. I highly recommend it.

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You know e-discovery has hit the big time…

Posted by rjbiii on October 24, 2007

When lawtunes parodies it. From the press release:

Indie music label LawTunes ( has released its latest humorous, lawyer-created, law-related album, “The Lawtunes: Live At Blackacre.” The CD contains ten original rock-and-roll tunes taking on the law, lawyers, and legal practice, including, “(She’s An) Electronic Discovery,” “Lawyers’ Blood Is Typo,” “Della Street,” “LawMan,” “Orderin’ In,” “Cadillac Cab,” “Little Bluebook,” “Livin’ Life In Six Minutes,” “Everywhere There Is A Client,” and “Santa’s G.C.” It provides desperately-needed relief to frustrated shoppers who have lawyers, law students, paralegals, and other law firm or corporate or governmental legal department personnel on their gift-giving lists.

The description of “(She’s An) Electronic Discovery:”

“(She’s An) Electronic Discovery”: There’s probably no “hotter” topic in the law today than the review and production in litigation of e-mail and other electronic documents. But that context and its developing terminology (including data accessibility, preservation, spoliation, retention policies, metadata, embedded images, the recent Federal Rules of Civil Procedure amendments, and the leading Zubulake line of cases) are appropriated with gusto to tell the tale of a lawyer falling in virtual love.

Reminds me of the musical skits from “Whose Line is it, Anyway?”

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