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This ‘Gotcha Moment’ brought to you by Electronic Discovery

Posted by rjbiii on October 19, 2007 has posted an article describing an uncomfortable moment for a witness testifying in Federal Court:

Under questioning by Stulac’s defense lawyer, Michael Attanasio, Mastro denied that she was trying to protect Matt Gless, Peregrine’s former chief financial officer. Mastro testified her relationship with the CFO did not become intimate until months after both had left Peregrine.

In the courtroom, though, Burk searched her computer database of more than 1 million electronic documents the defense team had compiled, yielding several love-struck e-mails Mastro and Gless had exchanged months before they exited the company. In one e-mail that begins, “Thanks again for making my Valentine special,” Mastro asked, “What could be better than getting high on wine, dope and love in one night?”

And what could be worse than getting caught in a lie in front of a jury? The theme of the article is that those whose manage their electronic data before and during trial have quite the edge. This concept is one of which our frequent readers are very aware.

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