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Automating the Redaction Process

Posted by rjbiii on October 15, 2007

Anyone who has sat at a desk, late at night, redacting documents with a marker (or doing so using an electronic tool) knows what a labor intensive, painful and mundane chore it is. Well, IBM says you need dread redacting no longer:

Xerox and researchers from its Palo Alto Research Center debuted “Intelligent Redaction,” new software that automates the process of removing confidential information from any document. The software includes a detection tool that uses content analysis and an intelligent user interface to protect sensitive information. It can encrypt only the sensitive sections or paragraphs of a document, a capability previously not available, Xerox said. The software also creates an audit trail for tracking access.

After information has been classified, that same information will be automatically redacted if it appears in other documents. the “intelligence” ensures a consistent level of security, saves time and increases redaction accuracy, Xerox said. Redaction is the ability to control what someone sees. For example, redaction traditionally has been used in legal documents to limit access to information protected by client-attorney privilege. The result is a document that has been censored; certain information within the document is blocked out, Xerox said in a statement.

The article states that automating the process not only relieves us of the labor, but also helps in managing different versions of documents that end up being redacted differently. The application is not yet available, and no date was given for future release.

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