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Now it’s the states’ turn

Posted by rjbiii on October 9, 2007 posts an article discussing the second wave of rules changes to accomodate electronic discovery.

Waves of state court systems are adopting electronic discovery rules as local lawyers struggle with the costs and uncertainty of e-discovery in an expanding range of cases.
New rules in Idaho and New Jersey took effect last year, while rules in Indiana, Minnesota, Montana and New Hampshire began this year. Arizona’s rules are effective starting on Jan. 1, 2008. Proposed rules are on the table in Maryland, Nebraska and Ohio. In addition, committees at the California, Illinois and Tennessee courts and the Washington State Bar Association are studying the issue.

E-discovery, it’s not just for the Fortune 500 any more. Let us hope for more than a pinch of uniformity among the states on this issue. It’s already complicated enough to get the matter to trial relatively error-free…

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