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Brad Harris writes about early stages of discovery

Posted by rjbiii on October 2, 2007

Computer Technology Review posts an article by Fios’ Brad Harris on data collection. Actually, it discusses both custodian identification and collection:

The first consideration in improving an organization’s litigation readiness is to identify where and how personal data is being created and stored. What applications are used to create messages and/or documents throughout the organization? Are application programs centrally managed to limit the types or versions being used?
Once an employee’s personal data repositories has been identified as potentially relevant to a particular matter, there are a variety of methods used to preserve or copy source files for electronic discovery. Typical collection methodologies range from user discretion, where the employee chooses which files are appropriate, to full forensics imaging that use investigative software to preserve an entire hard drive. Different methodologies have differing cost and risk impacts and, therefore, vary in their applicability.

The article is nicely done, and Brad created a neat matrix comparing the various methods of collection.

[HT: EDD Blog Online]


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