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Advancing past keywords

Posted by rjbiii on October 1, 2007

Key word searches are elementary. Perhaps too elementary, according to Law Technology Today, who posts an article praising the benefits of concept search and content analysis, techniques that are sorely under-utilized in today’s discovery projects.

Without endorsement by the legal community, litigation teams have been understandably reluctant to adopt concept searching and data analytics in their discovery strategies. Beyond the normal fear of the unknown, attorneys and those who support them have articulated concerns that this new technology may not be defensible. If attorneys were eliminated from the process there would be unacceptable risk. They’ve also expressed fear and disdain for what they consider to be “black box” technology.

In fact, when concept search and content analysis are done properly, [certain attendant] concerns should go away.

We’ll see more and more articles in the legal media about this and similar issues. Searching technology and techniques are part of the reason that, handled correctly, dealing with ESI is actually preferrable than dealing with paper.

[HT: Information Governance Engagement Area]

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