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Thinking inside the box: Datakos Blawg takes on e-mail retention

Posted by rjbiii on September 21, 2007

Although acknowledging that there exist no perfect solutions, the blogger behind Datakos lists items that may help to control e-mail rention issues. Many are sensible, straightforward suggestions. In describing an open source solution (which remains unnamed in the post), he describes the process for implementing litigation holds:

Through a basic, web-accessible interface, lawyers with permission-based access could run queries based on criteria derived from the legal or regulatory matter that required a hold. The query process had an audit trail. A hold, or multiple holds would attach to an email in the repository following the finalization of the query. Everything else not subject to hold had a limited shelf life in the repository and was purged periodically (e.g., every 90, 120, 180 days). The system is not perfect, but it worked.

Interestingly, this item mentions multiple holds, which was the central theme in one of the comments we’ve received on the subject of litigation holds.

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