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Consulting firm sued by State for losing data

Posted by rjbiii on September 20, 2007

A news item published today reports that Connecticut officials will sue Accenture for the loss of sensitive data:

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who has been investigating a series of public- and private-sector security breaches that raise the risk of identity theft for Connecticut residents, said Accenture had violated the terms of a $98 million contract with the state by failing to adequately protect the state data.

Accenture was consulting on a project designed to centralize state accounting procedures. What might really have angered officials was how the data was lost:

The information was contained on a backup tape, which was sent home with an intern working for a state vendor as a security precaution, according to the state’s inspector general.

The tape was stolen from the intern’s parked car in June, though Wyman said she was not notified that the stolen information included data from Connecticut until Sept. 4.

Whenever a client’s data is handled by a vendor, the vendor will do well to remember that its obligation to protect that data is no small thing. In terms of EDD processing and computer forensics vendors, this should serve as a reminder of the necessity of implementing and using proper procedures for storing, and ultimately destroying, client data while minimizing the risks of accidental release to unauthorized parties.

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