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State CIO Association warns members to improve e-discovery processes

Posted by rjbiii on September 19, 2007

Government Computer News has an article describing the findings of an e-discovery working group for state CIO’s:

State chief information officers need to better prepare for electronic discovery as they take on more responsibility for proper management of their states’ information assets, a new briefing from the National Association of State CIOs states.

E-discovery is an important issue for the public and private sectors as more critical business information is moved into electronic form, NASCIO officials said, adding that successful location and retrieval of electronic information can be critical to the outcome of a lawsuit.

The brief suggests that e-discovery “stakeholders” include such parties as “state archivists, legal counsel, records managers and agency business leaders.” It goes on to recommend that strengthen solutions for e-mail archiving and searching, and content management:

CIOs must also boost efforts to automate e-mail capture and federated search, which involves the simultaneous search of multiple online databases, said Peter Berkel, global solutions leader for the public sector at EMC, a leading storage and information management company. Berkel is also a member of NASCIO’s E-Discovery Working Group.

In addition, CIOs must better manage content and deploy flexible strategies to accommodate new rules, legislation and technology related to e-discovery, he added.

Pre-dispute preparation, while not the most exciting thing in the world, is far less painless than learning on the fly after a dispute has already occurred.


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