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Datakos Blog: Track Litigation Holds

Posted by rjbiii on September 19, 2007

DataKos blog has posted an article seeking to persuade organizations to develop a litigation hold database:

Effective compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Obstruction of Justice Law is unattainable without the existence of an enforceable records and information management program.

The blogger says that initially excel or access could be used to do the job, but that ultimately an organization should look for a solution that is accessible to in-house personnel and outside counsel for both review and update. He suggests MS Sharepoint as an option.

The presence of such a tool is important for many reasons. It allows e-discovery team members and others to track the various collection and processing projects, while helping out in the resource management end by indicating to IT or Records Management when a hold is released and document retention policies can be resumed (and deletion of old records can finally occur-freeing up space). Furthermore, if the database tracks individual projects, you can also insure that vendors who have possession of what may be very important information, destroy the data in a timely fashion. This helps minimize the possibility that sensitive information could be accidentally released.


One Response to “Datakos Blog: Track Litigation Holds”

  1. In my opinion, litigation hold management is one of the most important features needed for an email archiving solution. It is also one of the places where most systems fail.

    Typically, archiving products have one category for placing a message on litigation hold. That is a problem because a single message can be placed on hold for multiple cases. If a person in one case has the authority to remove a hold, that person could cause evidence to be deleted in another case without even realizing it.

    InBoxer, Inc.

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