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Product Roundup for E-Discovery

Posted by rjbiii on September 11, 2007

Computer Weekly discusses some of the products available to help companies manage the e-discovery process:

E-discovery has become the buzzword on everyone’s lips this year, thanks largely to the new US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), which revised guidelines for producing electronic evidence last December. The revision means that companies that fail to produce electronic evidence in court may be granted leniency if they show a good faith effort to both preserve and produce the electronic data.

Nothing surprising here, but the list of products is interesting, even if it isn’t comprehensive. Missing classes of products include edd processing platforms (such as discover-e or Cricket); Review Tools (iConect, Summation, Concordance, File Control). Still, it’s worth taking a look at.

The article also looks at the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) project was launched in May 2005 in an attempt to bring some order to the chaos around e-discovery products. Most experts agree that this model of the e-discovery process remains the most complete one and can come in handy when it comes to identifying and evaluating products. The model has six main phases: records management, identification, preservation/collection, processing/review/analysis, production and preservation.

The model is pretty good, although far from perfect. Nevertheless, can be useful to illustrate workflow processes and procedures (and pitfalls).


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