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States’ moves to better manage IT due in part to EDD

Posted by rjbiii on September 10, 2007

Computerworld has posted an article concerning States’ (led here by West Virginia) efforts to get their IT infrastructures under control:

West Virginia is part of a wave of states that are embracing data center and server consolidation in their government IT operations. It’s replacing 85 e-mail servers that run a half-dozen different applications with four Exchange-based systems — two for production, and two for backup.

And that’s just for starters. Kyle Schafer, West Virginia’s chief technology officer, wants to extend the consolidation initiative to the state’s financial, procurement and human resources management systems. The savings on hardware alone justify the move, according to Schafer, who said that West Virginia currently replaces as many as 20 e-mail servers annually as part of its regular hardware refresh cycle.

IT managers will be aware of many reasons for making this move, most of which will fall under categories of economics and operational efficiency. However, what might surprise some (though, not us here a Post Process, of course) is that electronic discovery also plays a role:

Another reason why some states are moving to consolidate and better integrate their systems is to comply with new electronic-discovery legislation. For instance, the [state] of Washington is deploying a unified e-mail archiving system from Symantec Corp. and later this year plans to seek bids on tools for searching the archives, said Gary Robinson, the state’s CIO. Robinson led the preparation of an “impact statement” on e-discovery that the NASCIO released last week.

Pre-dispute data management is the answer to reducing post-dispute discovery costs…

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