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Is your vendor using “end of life” products?

Posted by rjbiii on September 10, 2007

One of the essential processes in the discovery process with regards to ESI is the ability to search through large datasets to reduce documents for “eyes-on” review by attorneys. A post by archiving 101 asks if your vendor is using “end of life search products,” and calls out two software vendors doing just that. From the post:

Yes indeed … 2 vendors are actually using end-of-lifed search technology in their software. Altavista Search is in use with Zantaz EAS (now Autonomy) while Symantecs Enterprise Vault does as well. Altavista came into the hands of Fast Search back in 2003 and at that time FAST killed the future development of the product and encouraged its users to move to the FAST technology instead. 4 years later and both vendors still haven’t been able to migrate their products to new search technology which is a great concern. Will they actually be able to rip out the core of their product and replace it with something new? Will it actually work? For current customers this is something to keep a close eye on. No matter what happens .. a complete reindex of their environment will most likely need to take place with all the planning that goes along with this.

Would the tools being used by their EDD vendors be important to counsel? Well, duh. To quote Craig Ball:

With the Mandate to engage experts comes the obligation to select capable ones, or face sanctions and liability.

Craig Ball, EDD Showcase: Worst Case Scenario, LTN (quoting Michael Arkfeld). No link available.

The point here is that counsel should be able to describe and defend the manner in which he or she selected a particular vendor.

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